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There are no 'levels' on these worksheets. They are all targetted towards Intermediate (B1) to Advanced (C2) Students. Choose any worksheet you like, and the lesson will be guided according to your own unique level. So, don't worry if you look at them and think they are too difficult, or too easy.

All contain interesting and useful businessvocabulary, expressions and/or language use examples. Topics are chosen at random, and new worksheets are added to the list every week or two - so make sure you come back and check what is available!

Worksheets are listed in alphabetical order:

Amex & Australia Post

Artificial Intelligence - Neuralink

Artificial Intelligence - Robots Taking Jobs!

Beauty Salon Survey

Big Data Explained

Big Data - Doing More Harm Than Good?

Burger King Invades Google Home *NEW*

Change Management

Comprehension - Catch 22

Day Spa Hours

Domestic Violence

Driving Safely

Ecommerce Security - Background

Ecommerce Security - Key Issue: Consumer Behaviour

Ecommerce Security - Keeping Perspective

Ecommerce Security - Future Prognosis

Facebook's Dark Side *NEW*

Ford to exit Japan

Generating Leads Through Social Media

Gone Phishing

Google Appeals Class Action

GoPro Shares Declining

Idioms - Cow & Bull

Idioms - General 1

Idioms - Time

Industry 4.0 *NEW*

Investing in Securities

Japan 2020 Olympics - Become A Tour Guide

Japan Choice of Stadium Design

Japan Rejects Turnbull and TPP

Kangaroo Meat

Keeping up to Date with CAD




Listening Testing - How to Make Pancakes & Restaurant Review

Listening Testing - GM to Close Plant in Germany

Management Structure - Small Companies

Manufacture or Produce?

Men -v- Women

Merrill Lynch Company Analysis

Mobile Click & Collect Initiatives


New York takes property crown from London

Politics - North Korea

Q&A Adverbs of Frequency

Q&A Equatives

Retail IT Jargon

Retail Space Management

Robot Hotel in Nagasaki


Sitting is the New Smoking

Sound of our Summer Seas - Book Study P1

Sound of our Summer Seas - Book Study P2

Sound of our Summer Seas - Book Study P3

Speaking About Share Markets


Talking about Conditions

Talking about Work

Tour Guide Script

Vowel Pronunciation for Japanese English Speakers

Vocabulary Study - 'Right'

Welcoming a Visitor













Interesting Books for self-study:


A student recently started using this book for presentation practice - without telling me. I noticed that his skill level in terms of writing scripts, language use and speaking ability improved greatly. He finally told me that he has been using this book as a guide.

I highly recommend this book (Available through both Amazon and Google Books online) for anyone who needs to present results, company information or products to clients.

Title: 「説明」するためのビジネス英語表現練習帳
Authors: 長尾和夫, トマス・マーティン
Publisher: DHC, 2012
ISBN: 4887245327, 9784887245327
Length: 213 pages